Wednesday, December 2, 2015

t-mobile ipv6 works great

It looks t-mobile is making ipv6 a standard and not a oddball. You can define a APN with dual-protocol for your movil-device. T-mobile claims they have more ipv6 enabled clients than ipv4 which is good news if it's 100% true and can be validated.

My experience has let me to just enabling the protocol tab file with ipv4/ipv6 and disable the data systems and re-enable. In  Samsung S5 mini, I had a ipv6 address pop up in a few seconds that's NOT  ping able the following address was found under my ip status  ( about device ) 2607:fb90:d77:ff9:0:46:2bdc:a801  for the south central Texas area.

The assignment that t-mobile uses;

You can follow past ipv6 news with t-mobile under the following link;!forum/tmoipv6beta

And my previous APN HOWTO blog post.

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