Thursday, December 10, 2015

PALO ALTO ipv6 features and tips

In this post I will explain & show issues to be aware with PAN-OS & IPv6.

1st, ICMPv6 RA support low/medimu/high router preferences. This is good since my experience with cisco ASA, Fortinet Fortigate , and Juniper SRX show this not available feature
 The Low/Medium/High are case sensitive

This feature  helps if you have multiple RT-advertisers and need a redundant ipv6 next-hop gateway

2nd, the loopback address requires a   /128 mask  ( this sucks  ) or you must  specify no-mask.

3rd, OSPFv3 is well supported. So now we can authenticate  OSPFv3 with other OSPFv3 routers.

4th, you can src SYSLOG with  ipv6-src address. So if you have a syslog that listens on a ipv6 interface, you can send logs via the management interface or any layer3 by using a service route


5th, you can backup  the configuration to a ipv6 host

These are some of the based items I've  notices in PAN-OS v7 & with regard to ipv6.

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