Friday, August 2, 2013

How todo ipv6 T-Mobile APN ( Android )

T-mobile has support for  IPv6 & it's celluar devices and it's quite simple to enable on most  android devices. I will show you how & it's quite simple.

Simple as   1 2 3+reboot :)

In these next phone screen shots, I will show you how I configured "google Nexus4". AndroidOS 4.3. Andorid OS ( linux ) ,  has been  ipv6 aware ever since it creations iirc.

Okay 1st ;

Navigate to Settings; Wirelesss &Network Settings;

Next ;

click the Mobile networks

And find the  Access Point Names

On my phone I have the default "T-Mobile US",  and a backup that I made. The APN must be configured for ALL data  access, so don't change anything else in it , or make a backup and start with that or the original.

I'm  confident in my re-configuration skills , but if you  paranoid make a  backup!

Okay let's dive in;

We are going modify your active profile by toggling the APN roaming protocol


After doing this, you will need to reboot the phone to engage the AP and for data establishment. See how simple it was :)

You can use the website to review your ipv6 settings,  and for testing.

( My  IPv6 DNS failed btw )

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