Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nothing but "ipv6" Verizon MiFi

Today,  I've been testing  ipv6 connectivity via Verizon.  And happy to reports

" It works great & it's fast "

Here's my address as show via the website


So it seems like Verizon has their act together with regards to IPv6 and mobile MiFi  support thingy.

I'm planning on borrowing a Verizon phone here in the next 2 weeks and will update you on my finding with the Andorid Phone and IPv6 access. Stay tuned.......

But the internet is still lacking with ipv6 support overall. Take these  top network mfg'er outfits;

I was shocked that  juniper and fortigate did not show any ipv6 enabled http website :)

Good news,

We have all of the 3 major search engines covered;

What even  more sadder, the website is enable for ipv6 , and before  common  network vendors  like;  fortinet, juniper, force10, hp or aristanetworks.

This is a clue as to  how much they care about promoting IPv6, and general use within the internet community. Even the good informational  website, wikipedia has support for  ipv6.

What I thought was funny  & proves the argument of how our Far East crowds has the jump over the western side of the world &  with regards to ipv6  ( the whole  West = ipv4 dominant  vrs     East = Ipv6 dominant thing )

Huawei ( a major Network Vendor  from china ) , has an  ipv6  support & enabled website  ( no shock here )

How about checkpoint ?

Even the competition when compared to my boring  day job,  has a ipv6 AAAA record listed for their website, but it's not functional ( maybe the site is down )



How about Apple ?  They are sharp cool and cutting edge. So it's an good guess they have a ipv6 appearance.

But of course :)

How about the maker of windows? Not so sharp or cutting edge when compared to Apple.

No surprise  here , I actually suspected this  :(

How about ATT?


Time will only tell as to how the rest of the world will catch on to ipv6. And actually start supporting it.

 btw, this post was published while being ipv6-only  :)


No ipv4 datagrams where harmed during the posting of my "Nothing but ipv6 Verizon MiFI" post!

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Freelance Network/Security Engineer

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