Saturday, October 3, 2015

qcow2 snapshot removal virtualbox

Using the  virtualbox with with a existing qcow format image, you need to  remove the snapshot that are reference in the image. If you didn't know,  "qcow" format images supports  snapshot-creation where as a "raw" format does not.

The VirtualBox  also support the vdi format so in the end  you really need to convert the qcow2 image.

I found  this error when trying to handle a qcow2 format image within  virtualBox which prompted me to demo how to remove snapshots.

( here's the typical error  )

( here's list of snapshots using the qemu-img command )

( the same image after we deleted the snapshots using  the qemu-img command )

In the end I took my  "qcow2" image and converted it to "vmdk" format to use in Oracle's VirtualBox.

qemu-img check -f qcow2 radius.qcow2
qemu-img convert  -O  vmdk ./radius.qcow2 radius1.vmdk

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