Friday, October 2, 2015

FTNT fortinet demos

Fortinet is one cool company, they offer online presences for most fortinet appliances. I don't know of any other security outfit that offers anything similar.

Also ALL partners can arrange for onsite-demo and provide hardware and assistance with a PoC or Bake-Off.

Here's a clue,"most fortinet products from FTNT starts with "Forti"  in the name"

Typically ALL logins follow the following format;

    user = demo
    password  = demo

!!!!!!HTTPS only access Read-Only so you can't change anything!!!!!

What I found that was quite funny,  this ( Fortinet FTNT ) is a security solution company, and they have sslv3 enable on a few of the demo appliances for the internet facing management access. Not good!

They should be leading by best practices & by setting good examples. Maybe they forgot & maybe they don't scan demo appliances but .....ssl2 & ssl3 are dead protocol versions that should be stricken and disable. I guess even for a demo appliance from a network security outfit it should be have been disabled!

Ken Felix
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  1. I 've missed one more online demo "FortiCarrier"