Thursday, October 1, 2015

FML upgrade to 5.2.6

I'm starting upgrades for FM3K D appliances to 5.2.6. So far these are moving very quickly and simple.

Here's one FML  appliance running a 5.1.x code that will be upgraded to 5.2.6 ( aka build 460 ) .

The upgrade path is simple;

1: make a backup b4
2: download the code
3: review the md5 checksums
4: execute the upgrade
5: monitor the systems and logs

After a upgrade the basic testings should consist of the following;

  •  ALL management access methods ( ssh, snmp,etc..)
  •  ALL interface are pingable that was previously enabled
  •  Recheck for any open-relay (mxtoolbox )
  •  recheck that the  fortiguard rating ip lookups  completes
  •  ensure that system ntp settings and time/date correct
  •  Monitor bounce checks for recipient  verification
  •  ANY IBE encryptions profiles
  •  it's a good time to re-check any SPF and MX records entries for cleanup
  •  ALL TLS/SSL enable profiles for mail MAs
  •  Double check for sslv3 disable
  •  greylist  creations
  •  All  AV/AS definitions are up to data!

To learn more about Email Security Appliances, please review the reviews.

FTNT should try to get more "one on one"  comparisons, but the fortimail lineup is typically reliable. They make current models from the small FML60 to the 3K platforms. Most of the big server appliance are based off a dell-type of hardware.

Ken Felix
NSE ( network security expert) and Route/Switching Engineer
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