Wednesday, June 17, 2015

PFsense vpn dialup ( debug log )

The ipsec logs for PFsense is excellent to use for validating a dynamic vpn client and issues with  establishing connectivity.

If you are every curious on the proposals that your client submits, just review the logs after a client attempts access. Here's a MACOSX 10.10.3 host using the native client;

( notice how we failed due to lack of matching proposals )

So out of all of the proposal  the client submitted , none matched the single proposal offered by the pfsense gateway. Various vpnclients native or non-native can supported a a wide range of proposals.

A difference of the  client OS version or type ( window/mac/andorid/iphone/....) can change the proposal offerings submitted by the client.

If your failing authentication ( xauth ) you will see a log message similar to the below.

Sometimes you have the right authentication and ciphers but the dh-grp key strength  is wrong

To review the  ipsec.conf file you can use the WebGUI cmdline tool and more the cfg file.


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