Thursday, June 11, 2015

8 Tips for the huawei eudemon 1000

Here's my 8 tips for  the  eudemon firewall

1: The Eudemon 1000 supports route transparent or composite mode, the  firewall mode composite cmd set the firewall for both ( default  = routed )

2: Be aware of the zone priority and how the work. A higher priority to a low is considered outbound the reverse is considered  inbound. A interface can be in one zone only BUT not the local zone

3: ACL are number-range specific beaware of the differences

 2000-2999 == BASIC ACL ( source address only )

 3000-3999= ADVANCE ACL ( source port/dest port , source address/dest address  upper layer protocol service )

  5000-5999  FIREWALL ACL  ( src dest address and dest port )

4: Use  the lock cli-cmd from the cli to lock others out when configuring the firewall

5: The display this cli-cmd show what's configured in that system view that your currently located in

6: The system-view immediately cli-cmd is great to  execute the config change immediately, but use with  care. Any mistake could be service impacting

7: The preview all configuration cli-cmd helps to validate the  configurations  before the commit. You should use it 100% of the time IMHO.

8:  Execute the display configuration  <filename> before loading a previous saved config to validate the configuration B4 loading.

Ken Felix
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