Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A simple review of the Huawei Eudemon 1000E WebGUI nterface

In this post, we will look at the simple interface of the Eudemon 1000 firewall from Huawei. 

1st thing,  Huawei is one of the biggest telecomms/network equipment maker in the ASIAPAC area. It's gross revenues are actually higher than CISCO or HP & probably bigger than the top 2 equipment makers in the USA combined.

They have a firewall that used from the  Enterprise to SP realm  that matches most other vendor firewalls along the lines of a dell-sonicwall, hp, cisco, etc....

The WebGUI interface allows for a english or chinese language selection depending on code. I don't believe any other languages has been offered at this time.

The dashboard is quick and response when compared to other  vendors firewalls dashboards. It has a smooth and slick feel , & the menu is straight forward and simple arrangement.

The unit has a wizard that can set the basic interface, dhcp and route information. It also allows you to set  unit hostname and time/date.

The firewall has a WebGUI cli access interfaces if you choose to use cli. The CLI will allow you  execute all actions present in the WebGUI and more.  

NOTE: Not all options and settings are available in the WebGUI

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