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my Cisco RTP CCIE RS status 01/22/2013

A quick status update. My CCIE attempt didn't even get off the ground. I had major problems with the emulator systems in the TS section at the RTP location in the AM.

My proctor was great with trying to get a final resolution,  but at about 11:00AM , I was given the choice to now start my day ( as the proctor worded) or cancel and get credit for a follow up. I choose the other. The lack of momemtum,  the back and forth with logging in and out of the lab, trying to wait patiently  for a fix,  was all  tiring and frustrating. So I opt-out to get  a re-credit and come back again at the lost of my hotel/air/car-rental cost.

I'm going to leave you some photos of this trip to RTP for my 2nd attempt. 1st here the cisco logo when you drive in off Kitt Road. Btw this logo is bright and nice at night. On my next trip, I will take a night photo of it.

Yes that's my RS book rested on the 2nd C :) Every attempt that I make I like to take photo shoot of my book on the logo.

On the campus you can't get lost , it's marked and with nice direction pointers to the fame or fate (aka building #3 )

Yes even Stevie Wonder can find building #3. It clearly marked with arrows and signs all over the campus.

Here's the building #3 shots.

Yes that  lobby is where we meet at bright and early around 07:00ish time. The proctor is quick and very detailed  on what you can't and can do at RTP. But basically the walk-thru  is like the following;

1: he shows up at the door around 07:08
2: does a roll call, and checks for photo ID ( be ready )
3: we follow him down the main corridor and he points out mens/ladies bathroom, breakroom, and where lunch is served ( pay attention )
4: we enter the lab area ( pay very close attention )
5: he goes over the DOs and DONOTs ( mainly the DONOTs ...once again pay very very very close attention )
6: part of the DONOTs
  •    no electrical devices ( yes guys this should obvious, but don't bring your computer,laptop, radio,  mini-disc player and even watches and  key-flops & electronic badges, have to be remove )
  •     do not bring your cell phone ( your not allowed to use it and can't bring inside the lab and on this trip;  a guy was band,  because went outside and brought his phone back in during the lunch break......... Why would you think you need a phone in a lab env is beyond me ) Do yourself a favor and just leave all of these items back at the car or hotel
  •  Only one person can go to restroom/breakroom at a time during the lab
  •  You have a small walllocker that you can use for storage, if you happen not to read the above "don't bring to the lab items" :)

NOTE : lunch is served  at 11:20ish it's not a alot but it's something. They had lasagna on that day. My 1st attempt was some chicken cover in tomatoe paste :(

7: Bottom line the lab is straight forward.  And look at it as;  "a  valuable less and experience in the category of certification that your going thru". Some of the candidates will be 1st timers or vets. Don't be frustrated, upset or nervous. If you prepared correctly, this is just like doing your job, but in a timed crunch fashion. With the time being your worst enemy.

I hope you find this post interesting. I will follow up with ciso and try to reschedule in Feb/Mar depending on my availability and time. The march on for my CCIE in RS will continue, I will surrender in defeat :)

I'm leaving you some pictures of cisco bikes on the RTP campus. I guess you can check these bikes out, and ride around the campus


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