Wednesday, July 18, 2018

PCNSE exam pass

I did the revamp PCNSE  exam. It overlapped  the  earlier PCNSE 6-7 exams that I have taken in the past,  and now PANW is dropping the  number for  just  the title PCNSE

e.g  No more version#

The exam covers a host of items from  NAT, diagnostic, decryption, Panorama,  Security Policy, etc...

The key with passing these exams is to study the answer. In most of the answer you can easily determine ones that are 100% incorrect for the  question.

Read the  FAQ before studying and setting a date. When your ready go git'er done !

The exam was 75 question and 80mins to  execute the exam. Plenty of time was used for  review of the answers before submittal .PearsonVue will send you a final score sheet and validation ids

Remember to validate the   exam and then check at PANW

NSE ( network security expert) and Route/Switching Engineer
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