Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Why the FortiGate is a better Virtual Appliance for public cloud

The fortigate VMs has been around for some times. One area that has grown is the  virtual cloud public space. offering Others vendors are  still figuring out the what/where/hows to target this area.

Fortigate images are available in the following PublicClouds


Other vendors (CHKP/ PANW/CSCO/ForcePoint/etc....) still does not have the same coverage.

Keep the following in mind when selecting a  Fortigate as virtual-FW for the publicsector.

Total amount of virtCore , VirtMemory, and you don't have a  means  for allocating  CPUs for data/management that PaloAlto has.  HA design is  not normal and requires  deep thought and planning

A finally,  the total  number of  available FortiOS versions could be limiting.

The public-cloud sector will always grow,  and I'm sure FTNT will  grow with them. The number of  available images in the marketplace will continual to be strength and widen to meet the public space.

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