Sunday, May 6, 2018

securing fortigate HTTPS admin with PKI

The fortinet  operations takes  admin access for PKI very serious. Here I 've craft a user certificate that was upload to my firefox browser.

This cert will be called everytime we login via the WebGUI. The steps are summarize as

1: upload the trust-CA to the fortigate certificate store
2: craft a  user-peer and set the CA and CN values
3: craft  a pki-admin
4: enable admin-pki
5: optionally you can set the user-peer for two-factor and the user will need a cert and password
6:  !!!! this a great approach if you need HTTPS  access to un-trusted and dangerous internet  !!!!

Here's a view of these simple  steps. I will not bother with showing the user  csr generation

MY Socpuppets CA root  CERTIFICATES

User Peer  Defined via cli

Notice two-factor and password set , my CA certificate is known as  CA_Cert_1 

NOTE: pki2 is my admin configuration and is a member of the  user group named simply  pki

Admin Configuration

A typical  WebGui  admin  login and FireFox cert imported

Here's a few chrome based browsers challenging my user ( these can not access MACOSX  certificate store directly )

The FireFox browsers are  the best and most reliable based on my experience

Any webUsers with no certificate will generate a log message similar to the below

A Certificate decoder of the user certificate ( notice the  CN that was used for the pki user )

NOTE: This  certificate was built with a low lifetime due to some other testing that I'm doing. In reality you  will define the certificate lifetime as the systemAdmin  requires dictates.  A consult on a project might have a lifetime shorter than a IT security staff.

A few business case on where PKI admin has been a success

  • remote DR sites that need WebUI access via the internet
  • TrustCA issued certificate are hard to forge
  • A user can not easily share his/her remote-password, prevents  user password sharing
  • remote-support engineers that need a limit life and scope for remote access and a teamviewer or webex is not an option
  • makes it almost next to impossible to brute-force a login attack against a device

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