Monday, April 16, 2018

Verizon UM290 FortiOS v6.0

Here's a blog outlining  a simple setup using a 4G  Verizon  external modem with a FW50E and with  FortiOS v6.0

1st it  makes since to  check the modem and usb port using the fnsysctl cmd and the diag cmd to send AT cmds


Next, the basic modem configurations;

The interface for the  modem will be  name "wwan" and a default is applied once connected and the device is enable

( aka wwan interface )

config system lte-modem
    set status enable
    set extra-init ''
    set authtype none
    set apn ''
    set modem-port 255

The log file will display a  message similar to the following

last make sure you have a firewall-policy, use  whatismyaddress to validate

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