Thursday, April 19, 2018

A look at the new FortiOS v6.0

In this blog we will look at the FortiOS  v6.0

1st up  static web-filter. This list is still easy to craft and to apply in a  HTTP  fwpolicy. Typically you will define  URL filters ( static ) or use the categories  an against  a ANY dst-addr. 

If you want to  block HTTPS, you will need to  enable a SSL inspection profile

Here snippet of the categories

note: take note of the movie-theater  like ratings

The firewall.policy lookup is cool for searching  fw.policies

NOTE:  I seen it in the beta release,  and very glad it made it into the final build

Policy matches are highlighted in this off  artdeco-pinkish tone ;

The fortigate URL block message is still about the same. 

My images did not load btw for firefox & safari. Vivaldi loaded just  ( investigate the  hyperlink in the standard block page )

Here's  a Fw.policy modified for  HTTP/HTTPS

Firewall policy statistics are properly displayed

Custom ssh ins profiles are quick and simple to deploy.

So far  My  FortiOS v6.0 seems to be okay

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