Thursday, November 16, 2017

HOWTO:Decode PreSharedKeys Juniper SRX

In junos they have a great feature.

To decrypt a configured  pre-shared-key,  you only need to apply the  hash with the request system decrypt.

This works great if you have pre-existing  ipsec-configurations , and you  mis-placed or don't want to  re-key a vpn tunnel.

or if a sec-engineer leaves the company and fails to document the PSK for vpn-tunnels.


A fortigate for example , does not have this feature.

So unless your fortigate is peer'd with a linux-swan, cisco asa or juniperSRX, you  have almost a zero% chance of  decoding the share PSK.

This also make the fortiOS superior in protection of  the "PSK",  since it  can't easily be decode base on just a  interception of a  fortios conf file.

So when passing JuniperSRX cfg files around, you want to redact the  PSK values.

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