Monday, November 13, 2017

HOWTO activate 5gig thruput ASR1001X

The cisco ASR 1001X is a pay-as-you-go/grow  device. To use the evaluation license ,  you need to  1st accept the  EULA aggreement.

     config t
      license accept end user agreement

You will be prompt a YES or NO

next you  can validate current  thru-put ( default is 2.5gbps )

      show platform hardware thruput level

ASR01#show platform hardware  throughput level The current throughput level is 2500000 kb/s

Now to  change the thru-put level;

 ASR01(config)#platform hardware throughput level 5000000
% The config will take effect on next reboot


And then yo can reboot the device. Cisco will display a few warnings and status b4 you  reload.

The following license(s) are transitioning, expiring or have expired.
Features with expired licenses may not work after Reload.
Feature: interface_10g                  ,Status: transition, Period Left: 1  wk  2  days
Feature: throughput_5g                  ,Status: transition, Period Left: 8  wks 4  days

Proceed with reload? [confirm]^C

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