Tuesday, August 1, 2017

fortiOS CEF formatted logs

Logging to  Syslog   just got better imho. The CEF log-format is now a option. What is CEF?

Common Event Format 

This is the  simplified  log-format that most SIEM and analytics tools like splunk  or arcsight. The format is simple and has required fields  similar to the below.

CEF typeversion | MFG'er | Model | Version

e.g ( prefix for fortinet devices )


These fields helps in  reporting and identifying the source of the log and the format is common and well support and known. It allows for a plug-play and walkaway approach with most SIEMs that support CEF

Here's a few syslog_dumps  from a FGT firewall.

Various vendors support CEF

  • Barracuda
  • CitrixNS
  • PaloAlto
  • FireEye

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