Friday, August 11, 2017

deleting the root vdom can't do it!

Working with various IT/Security outfits over the past few years and  with numerous  Sec-Engineers  to Directors, a lot of them get hung up over the vdom name of  "root". I've even  had  numerous  request for removing the root vdom or renaming it.

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In one of my last encounter , they actually  had me open a ticket with  FTNT  & who the engineer made a wild claim that  he think it could be deleted.

In fact this is NOT true! Or I have yet to be proven wrong.

Here's some screenshot of a  wasted of time with "attempting" to remove the vdom name "root", after deleting all policies, creating a a new vdom, deleting any bindings to  root-vdom ( interfaces, admin-accounts,   dhcp-server , fortianalyzer, fortimanager , central-management  etc......)

So the conclusion;

1: the root-vdom  can not be deleted

2: it's just a name-vdom use it as-is or do use it

3: trying to rename vdom-root or deleting it,  is amounting to  trying to rename or deleting the   windowOS  system32 directory or the  unix "/"  directory 

Ken Felix
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