Saturday, June 10, 2017

QUIC Is quicker ;) tip for OPERA

If you use a Opera browser you might have to do some changes to get QUIC support.

QUIC is a experimental protocol that came out with the  Chrome based browsers. Pretty much google has QUIC support in various  applications like google-search and gmail.

In Opera , you have to enable it with the Opera flags  "opera:flags" and search for QUIC



The above state is disable, once you  toggle it to enabled an relaunch Opera you can  triple check by dumping a tcpdump  for traffic  on udp and port 443 and launch your browser at google search


Optionally you can use opera://net-internals/#quic to monitor quic connections.

Reference one of my  earlier post on QUIC

This site maintains a site listing for QUIC enabled sites;

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