Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My PCNSE7 exam review

I finally took and pass the Palo Alto PCNSE7  exam  this AM. It like the PCNSE6 straight forward  questions.

Since I could't find any PaloAlto  PCNSE7 study materials, I used the following;

  • re-study PANOS6 and 7 cli commands
  • review the PCNSE7 blueprint material from PaloAlto
  • look at the various ACC tabs
  • remember the hard to forget test commands
  • re-read a lot of paloalto live notes on panorama

The combination and experience with  PANOS6 was what let me   get a passing score on the PCNSE7. It's challenging exam but not very hard if you have experience and put a few hours aside to read and study up on PANOS.

I used the pearsonvue exam-test center in  NE Austin off Dessau ridge road & Howard ln.

The challenging issues with PaloAlto are;

  •  no press books
  •  very limit  study forums or community forums information available ( I start posting PANOS blog information here in the next few months )
  •  very little collaboration amongst  security engineers

The positives;

  •    nexgewnfw  with cool application decoders
  •    great videos




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  1. Congratulations on getting the PCNSE, and thank you so much for sharing your thought and your feedback.
    I'm planning to took the exam, but it will take me a little bit since i got less than one year experience on paloalto and need to attack more in depth the concepts and the CLI Part.
    Can't wait to read your articles and posts about it :)