Monday, September 26, 2016

OPENsense configuration backups

In this post I will demonstrate one of the best  new feature in  OPENsense firewall. In fact I'm surprise it took this long and why no other commercial firewall vendor has a means to "selective" cfg backup.

In OpenSense, you can now do full backups or selected areas.

Okay so what this allows;

  •  you can backup specific or all parts of the configuration for the firewall
  •  you can restore all or specific part
  •  you can still a option to  encrypt the backup  
  • this allows  you to make changes and restore only the area that the change was in  if you have a backup
  • great for also providing outside 3rd party  XML configurations for auditing purposes

Here's a interface cfg backup in xml format;

Here's the same configuration, but encrypted;

You have to love  open source networking and firewalls.

It would be nice if  the open source dev team would allow;

1; selected encryption methods
2:  "diffs"  just for  configurations files  before restore operations
3: automated  configuration backups via a schedule for a particular area

OpenSource  firewalls or manager are the an alternative. A few great solutions exist from; iptables firewalld iptables manager , monowall, pfsense, opensesne, Packet filter  firewall, untangle,etc...


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