Friday, April 8, 2016

NX-OS bash access again

if you recalled the recent  earlier post { },
 we have one more means for execution of a bash shell. It's to use the guestshell service with NX-OS.

You only need to enable  the guestshell service to use it & for runn linux commands.


(from cli )

   guestshell enable
   show guestshell detail

Now you can now  run "unix" like commands  from the NX-OS  cli ;


Be aware that you should enclose commands in  between " " quotes but it's not always required and if you use  any "s in any commands execution to escape them;


Within the NXOS guestshell you can execute a full shell via the following;


To disable the guestshell feature;

SOCNX01SW# guestshell disable
You will not be able to access your guest shell if it is disabled. Are you sure you want to disable the guest shell? (y/n) [n] y

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