Saturday, April 9, 2016

cisco NX-OS logging woes

Within  NXOS and version "system:    version 7.0(5)N1(1)"  we found a strange issue with the log entries upon execution of "show logging last 30" or "show logging" where out of order. The year and month and in top-2-bottom or bottom-2-top was not following in any normal sequence.

This made it hard to track most current events. The only way we got around this was to clear the logging buffer. During the course of this investigation I found under this same code version that you could  add duplicate server entries


   logging server  4 use-vrf default
   logging server  4 use-vrf default

With previous and other IOS or NXOS version the above would never happen.

The next issues that was found, "when clearing the logs", our Nexus switch would not display the actual "user" who cleared the logs.

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