Friday, August 14, 2015

Fortimail disable SSLv3

Here's a means to  validate that SSLv3 is disable in a fortimail.  You can use openssl or your web-browser or a SSLv3 checker.


 Here's a proper disable sslv3 and sslv2  (  Fortimail Appliance )

 And a at risk site ( a apache website of mine for testing )

So ensure your fortimail appliance does not except sslv3 connections. In fact all of your website should be secured from sslv3 & sslv2 connections.

To disable sslv3 support;

confg sys gobal
    set strong-crypto enable

And you can test via the above link or via openssl;

SSLv3 is now known to have flaws and you should stay aware of the Vulnerabilities and any listed CVEs

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