Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mobile security and discovery beaware

When you are using a open or any foreign wifi-service like at a cafe hotspot or the hotel, you could be  presenting  yourself for exposure by bonjour types of discovery.

Take a list of machines located at a hotel that I recently stayed at in Spain;

And here's a listing of devices found from afp-server services;

And even printers are exposed;

One thing that you need to considered, most hotSpot implementation filter ipv4 unicast to unicast traffic by isolation, but they don't so so great up a job nor should be trusted to filter ipv6. Take a simple trick of a ipv6-mlticast ping to the ALL-HOST and look at what I discovered ( ff02::1 )

Now I have a list of  ipv6 hosts that I can probe or attack;

And you can check for open shares with no logins by using the link-local address of the target ;



Just a few concerns that you should be aware when using the  local WiFi access at that Airport/Cafe/Hotel/etc......

Now you can do some things to  reduce this;

   disable mDNS
   ensure your local firewall is enabled
   disable all services on wifi nic that would expose services
   install a local end-point control application
   ensure passwords for everthing ( no guest accounts )
   and deploy very strong pass-phrases

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