Wednesday, March 4, 2015

GSMK cryptophone

I was at the MWC forum in Barcelona and ran across the GSMK cryptophone  500 .   Outside of  thermal imaging for phones, this was the only items that I was actually looking forward to seeing & it seems very useful.

This a highly rated  crypto phone for secured voice and messaging. The phone supports military grade encryption using either  AES or 2fish. These phones aren't cheap, and can cost way over  2K usd.  But you have to pay to have "security" and the need to protect your phone transmissions.

In the  single page brochure  that I picked up at GSMK booth, they stated  "the keys used for each call are destroyed upon call termination ". 

So this tells me the keys are setup per call and are ephemeral in usage

The local GSMK representative didn't elaborated on what this actually meant btw.

Also they where tight lip about any 3rd party evaluations, which I thought was strange and interesting to say the least. Also keep in mind you can only establish secured voice paths between 2 GSMK phones. So if your called party is not a GSMK phone, they would be out of luck in regards to security.

Stay tune ,  my future forecast  still has me seeing mobile device security products and software becoming the new "it" in our day 2 day lives.

I believe mobile phone encryption is going to be the next "new" thing for the general end-user. This means voice, text messaging and phone security hardening.  Google has already start this  ( the latter ) within "Android Lollipop" and Apple is the next phone OS to included this also.

Instead of this being the "non-normal" it will become the normal and automatic or dynamic in function & operation. No different than putting on your pants or grabbing your car keys. The US gov will do all that it can to  restrict,  control or vociferate why they need to beable to spying on you & your communiqués,  but the world is going to change and for the better and that means better protection for the johnQs of this world.

As more and more users demand this level of security for phone transmissions, than the prices for the end devices will drop as supply are up built to support the user requirements. I believe the same methods deployed for securing web and some type of public-key would be the ideal method for setting up the end2end encrypted channel for voice and text.

" think of a voice vpn if you may well "

I will leave you with  this photo,  a lot of China firms where  pushing  waterproof phones & tablets. I thought this ideal was great for the outdoor person. Or if you decide to use your phone or tablet in the pool,  bath tub  or while boating.

 ( yes that's a phone submerged in water )

Here's one more ideal of security they have a good video on data interception by yours or foreign government

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