Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Scheduled Backups for the Fortinet FortiMAIL

In  this post, we will look at hands-off schedule backups for the fortimail appliance.  Backups that are automated, will  helps with configuration restoral efforts during an emergency.

The  fortimail allows both; local and remote schedule backups. With remote we have the choice of  FTP or the preferred secured SFTP protocol.

Here's the cli command for establishing a backup schedule;

and  to verify the config;

NOTE:  The only bad thing with remote backups, you can only list one destination and one schedule for both locally and remote backups. You  can't defined unique schedules for the 2 methods or list multiple remote destinations

Ideally we want to backup to 2 or more destinations,  and local-only backups are a waste if the unit has a catastrophic event  .

When the unit backups the configuration, you will receive a log message indicate such activity has taken place.

Here's a few screenshot of a similar fortimail appliance WebGUI for backups;

I hope this makes your understanding of the  backups scheduling methods for the FortiMail Email Security Appliance.

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