Monday, February 24, 2014

A look at the Cisco SCE 8000 initial config

The cisco SCE 8000 is a  Service Control Engine offered via cisco systems.  It offers the ability to inspect  traffic pertaining to flow & at L7 either  inline or via monitor port. Within these 2 setups, you can enforce policy per flow via the "inline" method.

You can find more here about the SCE8K here;

The configuration example shown here,  are some of the basic  setup for allowing  access and management.

1: Basic boring stuff

hostname "SCEPT01"
enable password level 10 0 "mypassword"
ip domain-name socittome.local
clock timezone EST -5
no service telnetd
ip ssh

snmp-server contact "ops@yourdomain"
snmp-server location "SOMEWHERE"

aaa authentication login default local enable
username ken.felix secret 5 cc33fa84e47ae5031ffa203668838bf4
line vty 0 4
timeout 10

2: ( ip interface for managament )

interface GigabitEthernet 1/1
ip address

ip default-gateway

Upon completion of the base cfg,  you need to copy the running config to startup.


SCEPT01#copy running-config startup-config
Writing general configuration file to temporary location...
Backing-up general configuration file...
Copy temporary file to final location...

You can verify the cfg via show run or the cli cmd;  more /apps/data/scos/system/config.txt 

The  base configuration is simple  to complete.

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