Monday, December 9, 2013

HOWTO: fortimail redundant members

In this blog we will look at the creation of a  redundant member in a fortimail appliance.

1st off the fortimail does not offer any type of  LACP or any link-aggregation it allows for  redundant link paths but only one of the link are used. To created a  redundant link you need to follow these simple steps and rules

1.     remove all allowaccess and ip_address off  the selected ports
2.     ensure the ports are not setup as  dhcp
3.     create a new interface ( virtual ) and select  redundant
4.     provide a simple name for this interface
5.     add the selected ports for the redundant members


Creation of a redundant virtual interface


Adding the ports


Reviewing the creation

The benefits of a redundant interface; The ability to eliminate a single path failure”. You will need to cable the  2 interfaces to 2 unique switches or blades to eliminate a single failure. A stack switch  would be ideal imho.

Once you have the interface configured, you can assign an address and use it like any real interface.

note on redundant interface requirements

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