Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bundling POS interfaces IOS-XR

In this blog we will look at bundling Packet Over Sonet interfaces.

Bundling  pos interfaces,  is almost identical to bundling ethernet inerfaces. The same format and commands types are used with the primary difference being a bundle-pos vrs a bundle-ether. Here we will bundle 2x OC3 interfaces for both aggregation and link redundancy

Here's the virtual bundle interface

Here's our  physically interfaces;

Notice we have a bundle-id # of 76 on the POS interfaces.

Okay now let's look at some show commands;

See how we have over 311+mbps of port capacity now when the bundle is up and active?

To get  POS controller details , you can use  the following command;

show controllers  SONET 0/2/1/0 all
show controllers  POS 0/2/1/0 

( sample output )

Wed Dec 11 10:13:13.684 WAT
Port Number         : 0
Interface           : POS0/2/1/0
Ifhandle            : 0x40001c0
CRC                 : 32
MTU                 : 4474
Port Bandwidth Kbps : 155520
Soft Banwidth Kbps  : 155520
Admin state         : Up  
Driver Link state   : Up  

Bundle member       : Yes
Bundle MTU          : 4474
Bundle Adminstate   : Up  

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