Friday, April 5, 2013

http traffic generation with tcl

Here's a quick tcl script for http traffic generation. It does not support https at this point. I 'm working on it :)

I'm calling this tcl script  "httptragen.tcl" , but it should be called the http tickler ( pun intended )

# httptragen.tcl http_traffic generation for  testing and pulling the same request uri
# rev 1.0
package require http
#package require tls
if { $::argc eq 0 } {
   puts ""
   puts "USAGE: $::argv0"
   puts ""
   exit 1

::http::config -useragent "SOCPuppets_Tickler"

set url $argv

for {set h 0} {$h <= 999} {incr h} {
   set http  [::http::geturl $url ]
   set html  [::http::data $http]


This will allow you to make  http traffic if you need to test a  site and have nothing else. The for loop will run upto 1000 requests or a control-C.

Ken Felix
Freelance Network/Security Engineer  " Trying to break networks and systems since  1991"
kfelix  -at- hyperfeed -dot- com

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