Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My PFsense machine crashed and I never knew :)

Here's a first, one of my  pfsense hosts that sits on the internet crashed. It's running  OpenBGP daemon and announcing one /24 prefix. I was surprise that I missed this and it looks like my VM crashed over 35+ days ago.

And here's what I found when I logged in to the GUI;

So this is the 1st time of my use of the FreeBSD/PFsense crash reporter and it was crafted very nicely. Basically if you login into the dashboard , you have the option to read the report and download it.

You can also submit it with option buttons located below the dialog box.

The report is very detail and nicely format. It covers a host of details from disk space, pkgs, core dump, files, and so on.......

In my day time job/role, I work for a company that could use a lot of training from the creators of various opensource appliances, and the proper format of  the user interface and diagnostics, but that's another topic and another day.

Ken Felix
Freelance Network/Security Engineer
kfelix  at  hyperfeed dot com

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