Tuesday, February 19, 2013

About Me

Here's a bio about myself

Ken Felix

Hobbies outside of IT =  Hunting, Fishing, medium/large format B&W photography, Ham radio chasing Satellites and International Space Station and Archery

Started in the network arena Earlier90s with my 1st OS system that I primarily was Dec Ultrix and SCO. Also worked with  various routing platforms built  on the ATT 3B2/600 , Wellfleet's  BCN&AFN and IBM 2210s.

Favorite OS= OpenBSD followed by Linux ( Debian )

Favorite Routing Protocol = BGP (it's fun and interesting )

Favorite shell   =  CSH or TCSH

Most favorite Application or Internet Service  =  DNS

Favorite Router of All times = Cisco 3640 ( rock solid performer, never had a problem )

Favorite Firewall = PfSense

OS hated the most = Any thing Windows all flavors

Most favorite food = Sicilian and  Tex-Mex

Favorite Beer = Fat Tire Ale or any Ale

Dream Car =  Corvette  Stingray

Favorite Tv series = "Tour of Duty"

Best HBO series = "The Wire" ( but the Sopranos is a close 2nd :) )

Most challenging  thing I ever did ( IT related )  = Compiling  drivers for a patch Linux Kernel source 1.0 for a Adaptec SCSI controller card on my pentium 90mhz system. A found a  developer in Belgium that helped me to test his drivers thru Compuserve. And 8 hours later we had a working installation.  ( He built the drivers, but he didn't have the SCSI controller card )

Most challenging thing I 've did in life = Manage not to be killed  while in the USAF Communication Systems groups. I seen some stupid things and ever part took of a few stupid activities. It's a miracle that I didn't die in Korea , or gotten somebody killed.

Ken Felix
Freelance Network & Security Engineer
kfelix  at  hyperfeed .  com

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