Friday, May 25, 2018

proxy redirection Juniper

For whatever  reason junOS has never support WCCP in a SRX. Why Juniper hates or refuse to embrace WCCP might be the love and hate relationship between CSCO

Okay with that out of the way, I work for a major security  vendor and who has websense web-gateways. I will demo how you can redirect traffic for websense using the  utm-policy in a juniper. keep in mind my  websense target is down, so I can't full show the final trafficflow

To run  redistribute clients to a WSG you will  a few items

1st define the  target utm-filter-web  values. You will need the host:port  and the agreed upon timeout would be my  WEBSENSE

Now, we will call a  firewall policy and us the  UTM webfilter within the application-services

And finally we monitor at the  WSG & SRX  for traffic an utm-statistics

TIP s check the following  for diagnostics

  •  show security  utm web-filte status
  • apply a system syslog file  setting and match for WEBFILTER and any

If you are not getting proper filter and see FALLBACK , that's a good possibility that the  WSG is down.

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