Sunday, August 28, 2016

F5 self address and the floater confusion

Confusion always comes up with a self address types. You typically have  a "real assigned" ipv4-address per-interface

A floater is another type of address that's "floats ( hence the word  floater ) between the active  F5 in a cluster

The reasons for the floater is required   for "inline" function where the clients or servers are routed using the  floater as a next-hop.

The other advantage for the floater is for the  determine which unit is actually active ( you can ssh and/or  HTTPS  ) and see the hostname of the  of the active unit

It's can also not be used for any configsync operations

And finally the floater address does offer any  http health checks or  even in-use for client-side SNAT.


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