Friday, October 17, 2014

ASR fpd upgrades

In this post, we will look at upgrading  linecards  using the fpd process under  IOS-XR.

The abbr fpd stands for " Field-programmable devices" . These devices would be hardware in your slot or subslots and between  IOS-XR release you may have new firmware to push to these devices.

The upgrading should be non service impacting, but you will need to restart the card for the software upgrades to take effect or reload the chassis.

Cisco had made this process simple and quick. A typical  9K chassis could take anywhere from  10-30mins depending on the number of cards and number of fpd upgrades images that needs to be pushed.

> The 1st step should be to make a configuration backup

> Next, ensure no changes or other upgrade are taking place or have been scheduled

> Next, show the existing  fpd packages

admin show fpd package

> Next, query to see what's the current installed  version on a linecard after determining what cards you have ( the execution of a show platform maybe helpful )

admin show hw-module fpd loc 0/0/CPU0

>You can now start the upgrade for the linecard

admin upgrade  hw fpd all location  0/0/CPU0
  1.  Do not interrupt the process
  2.  Do not restart the linecard until the upgrade process have completed
  3.  Do not make any systems changes
  4.  If the card does not need any  new updates, the process will terminate and generate  message such as;

If you want to do all devices, you can  use the following command;

     admin upgrade  hw fpd all location  all

Monitor the process, but be patient it could take some time. After the upgrade you will get a completion notice.

During a IOS-XR software upgrade, you may find new fpd images are released. Theses images are not pushed to the linecard automatically, but requires the above described  manual process. It best to always ensure you are running the latest version, due to incompatibilities between software releases.

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