Saturday, November 30, 2013

Why namecheap should be avoided

I registered one of my domain to namecheap to checkit out. I heard alot about namecheap but never really used them.  They had a simple to use DNS manager and that's about the only positive thing I can say.

All support is via a web chat channel and some times that could be as  1 -5 min wait.  You can't  speak to anybody via any voice call or directly via email. Which plain out sucks. How can a  name registrar can claim "making customers happy" is beyond me.

And their webchat is not all that cool, here's snippets of a dialog that I execute while on the road traveling & via a webchat support person name Olga, for attempts to recover a  email-password on my account  &  after I sent both  photos of driver and passsport identification to  namecheap staff.

This is what you should expect




And the kicker , I 've sent 2 emails to namecheap both a  director and CEO  officers, and they don't even have the professionalism to respond to customer issues.

So I'm sorry to say ,   Namecheap.................. is  just that..... CHEAP!

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