Saturday, August 31, 2013

why friends don't let friends , buy cisco ASA part#2

This is part#2,  to part#1 on why cisco licenses can be confusing at best,  & why friends don't let friends buy cisco ASAs :)

If you actually read the below link and try to follow the licenses, and restrictions that cisco has in place for the ASAs, your head will really hurt;

I just recently ran into a cisco ASA5558-X  & lack of 10gige io ports.

Guess what ?  we need a license to just enable 10gige ports.

If you try to use the ten10ge ports, the unit will tell you it's unlicensed.

It's funny that cisco wil let you configured the interfaces, but you don't have the ability to use them,  until you apply the licenses.

Ken Felix
Freelance Network/ Security Engineer

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