Thursday, March 29, 2018

Fortinet ( FTNT ) has release v5.6.0 FortiOS

This should bring us some new  features and  more problems. Today 03/29/2018 is a new day for FortiOS and Fortinet  (FTNT) and all eyes are looking at them.

Looking thru the release-notes, alot of earlier models are dropped from the supported list. This will force  customer who has been holding out , to refresh firewall-appliances and retire older models. So pretty much they will have to upgrade in order to use  v.6.0.

Also tlsv1.0 seems to be  dropped as a support feature. Again this is minor since most of anything nowadays supports  tlsv1.1 or better.

I have a FWF50E appliance on order for my home that's been backlogged now for  like 2+ weeks, so assume as it arrives,  I will update that model and post any new issues.

For now we can only wait for  v6.0 and the future sub-builds that will come out. FTNT  has not had a good track records for  new  builds. A lot of issues  has slipped  thru the crack or left a bad taste in your mouth from past new releases from Fortinet ( FTNT )

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