Friday, December 1, 2017

F5 disconnect issues due to time mismatch

Working with the F5-LTM within a  device cluster ,  a "disconnect" issues are bound to always come up.

One simple reason that's commonly over looked ; "if the devices time value are  far off , they two LTM will show a disconnected stated"

This will keep the two device device-trust from synchronizing since the  device-certificate would be to far spread between the two. NTP and clock-sync is a must within a F5-LTM.

Here's a typical f5-ltm  error for clock . This system is over 2+ years off.

Using the  unix date command ( from within the LTM bash shell )  we will adjust the system clock to the correct time. As soon as the time is corrected,  the  F5-LTM will reconnect and the disconnected status will vanish.

Ken Felix

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