Monday, October 30, 2017

HOWTO do passwordless login juniperSRX

In this blog I will show you how the JuniperSRX  admin can enabled  ssh login with no passwords.

1:  First require the admin users to  send you a copy of the key ( public ssh key )

2:  from within  the   Junos cli and the shell,  vi a new filename and paste the  ssh key in that file.

3: paste in the key and save the file so you can use it later in the cli configuration.

4: Now set the user login authentication to be  authentication load-key and specify the previous saved file.

5: The full configuration would look similar  to the following;

 The beauty of this approach, you can use  enc-password or  ssh-key. So if your user  keys are lost or changed,  you can  still login , but with a password.

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