Tuesday, September 26, 2017

DTLS forticlient fortios v5.4.

In this blog I will show you how to enable  DTLS for FortiClient. In this example we have  the following

FortiOS = v5.4.5
FortiClient  = v5.6.0
OS =  windows10


DTLS is only support in  the windows FortiClient versions ( sorry.... no support for macosx !)


you need 5.4.x code or higher to enable   DTLS on the fortigate


you must enable the DTLS preferred in the client xml  ( download the cfg and edit the highlight light to a value of 1 }


Ensure you have access to udp port. In  this example I'm using my  macosx host to check that udp.port 443 is available &  via gnutls-cli ( use the -u switch for udp )

The mode of operation is very  simple,

The FortiClient talks tcp over the designated port and then switched to  udp if the client prefers udp. 

Keep in mind that going thru a http-forward-proxy might break the renegotiation to udp , but if the DTLS setup fails,  the  Client will fallback to just  tcp.port 443

Here's a dump of  traffic showing a windows std and 1200 byte pings

Here's snippet of a wndows10 forticlient exported logs.

One cool thing you can do. You can run a diagnostic session  from the cli and see the client > Be advise the  SSLVPN session is terminate to a "pseudo firewall policy# "

     valid firewall policies numbers are 1 thru 4294967294

This is where the ciscoASA has a advantage, the  cisco ASA has support DTLS for over  5+  years with webvpn.

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