Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The FortiAnalyzer language support is good, but still have holes

¿ Que Hablas ?

Reports in the fortianalyzer can be done in a wide variety of languages.

My experiences of working on various continents like Africa/Americas/Asia/EU,  this can come in  handy where English,  French, Portugese or Spanish could be used natively by the local audience.


Here's a snippets of a basic-reports done in a language that's  non English.

1st up  french;

Take note of date/time format in the page title.

Now a Spanish report &  the same two sections.

note that  the  date/time is NOT in spanish for the title page  ;)

And finally  here the menu for Portuguese speakers which is the same for Spanish speakers.

FTNT has came a long way with  multiple language support  & this is a big selling point for MSSP outside the  North-American security community.

Ken Felix
NSE ( network security expert) and Route/Switching Engineer
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  1. Okay thanks, I was in a few countries and that was a big selling point. Since FR/SP/PR are so common these languages are greatly supported.

    This is very good check for FTNT products.