Saturday, April 22, 2017

F5 no-handler tmm traffic

The F5  tmm is the heart at processing traffic for the F5 LTM SLB.

 In our example the microkernel traffic  shows under the "error" field  a handler counters that's incrementing.

see the following snapshot and the highlighted area { arrow }

From  the webGUI you have something similar;

This is not a error per-se . When the TMM  tries to process a traffic flow for packets that  it has no reference for,  this counter will increment.

This is could be caused by numerous conditions.

    static ARP for a address not bound on the  LTM
    inbound traffic for a service port not configured  
    traffic for a VS not on the  LTM

Speaking with a f5 support engineer, we didn't find any quick means for  monitoring the specific traffic that triggers this counter ,  but you can lab this up and by using a static arp entry send  a traffic request to the F5  and for a VS or Self not-reference for that dst-ip and you will see the counter increment  per-request.


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