Tuesday, March 7, 2017

jumpcloud LDAP-aaS with fortimail remote-authentications

Here's a blog started which will be a series of jumpcloud configurations  for the FTNT fortimail appliance.

This 1st up is a HOWTO with LDAP for authentication. The cfg is simple and can also be used for group and  user verification.

You can  authentication remote fortimail clients using  the Jumpcloud LDAP-as-a-Service cloud  hosted.

The   JumpCloud ldap servers are located at the following ipv4 address.The are hosted in a AWScloud instance

We have the LDAP servers at  the following URI

### URI/LDAP Server ###

ldaps://ldap.jumpcloud.com:636     ( secured )
ldap://ldap.jumpcloud.com:389       ( not secured )

You can find all of this  information in the jumpcloud utility shell script.
{ jumpcloud_test_utility.sh }

In my  cfg,  I'm using LDAPS for this configuration. This will ensure  communications and secured between LDAP client and the JumpCloud instance

1: We define our Base/Bind-DN and authentication users you will need the  Ldap bind-user account and group-id#.

2:  Than you need the following cfg details in

advance  options

3:  Than we can test using the ldap test.

Or just login and test;

Here's a simplified  view of how a cfg would encompass.

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