Tuesday, February 21, 2017

finding the max TPS for CLIENTSIDE SSL F5

Here's a sure way on a F5 LTM-VE image for finding the max  Ssl client_side connections that's allowed

1st monitor the  F5 performance stats

(tmos)# show sys performance  | grep SSL
SSL Transactions               Current  Average  Max(since 02/21/17 12:45:27)

SSL TPS                             25       35                            44

2nd  gather the license details

show sys licens

3rd now grep for TPS and TMM counts 

(tmos)# show sys license detail | grep -i perf_SSL_total
perf_SSL_total_TPS [500]

(tmos)# show sys tmm-info global | grep   TMM
  TMM Count               2

The  total would be your  TPS count  X  TMM-qty

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