Monday, August 8, 2016

fortinet thruput numbers be aware

If your not performing your own benchmark tests, than you have to rely on FTNT or a 3rd party  like NSSlab.

Most numbers give in a product sheet are not  100% real-life but a good assumption  on FTNT behalf. The thruput numbers will be greatly impact by the number of session , session setup, type of data and protocol and packet-sizes. Lastly, you need to be aware of the various feature from a UTM standpoint.

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So how do we get real life thru-put numbers ?

That question has no  real  answers since in some case real-numbers are secretly held or test data is not made public.

NSSLab is a go to for most "real numbers"

2nd would be "word of mouth from  real end users "

Trust nothing,  until you can validate 

That's  my  final   answer !

With any product data-sheet, I like to reduce the  list number by 10/20% as a margin. So if you have a requirement of XYZ and the model of the unit is near the 10/20% value, jump to the next larger device.
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