Thursday, January 7, 2016

max value fortiOS print tablesize

FortiOS has the ability to set limits per vdom,  but it's also nice to know the  maximum values that can be set globally or per-vdom.

The cli cmd  print tablesize can provide detail information based on the FortiOS version and model.

A simple output like;

system.vdom: 0 0 10

The 1st colum is per instance 2nd column per vdom 3rd colum  globally. So in the above example the system total vdom counts globally is set at 10.  The 1st two column are not useful.

You can also use the  kb @fortinet to find the maximum value metrics. When you exceed a max value, you will get a simple command failure.

e.g  ( cli for snmp user a max value of 32 )

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